I help B2B SaaS companies drive more mentions, backlinks and signups.

Hi, I’m Irina. I work at HubSpot where I run a product awareness program called Surround Sound. I’m also a Head Judge for the EU Search Awards. Connect with me if you’re into SaaS marketing, SEO and content strategy. 

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Global Search Awards Head Judge 2020

Skills & Experience

Here’s What I Do at Work 

I’ve been working in marketing for SaaS companies for 13+ years. I did PR and content marketing for ERP solutions, I helped launch an SEO tool called SEOmonitor and now I work on HubSpot’s freemium acquisition team. Throughout my career, I wore many hats and I mastered a few skills — especially content, SEO, link building and user acquisition. If you’d like to pick my brain about any of them or just learn a bit more about my work, check out these resources.

I write tactical, in-depth articles that are based on my personal work experience, but every once in a while, I share personal updates, book recommendations and other useful resources for career development.

Over the years, I’ve been honoured to be invited as a keynote speaker to local and international marketing conferences and I always try to deliver practical tips and playbooks. 

Aside from my work at HubSpot and my talks, I’ve also been a judge on the Search Awards. It’s been a pretty amazing ride to get where I am today in my career so I wrote a brief story about this journey. 

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Skills & Experience

Work With Me

I’d love to use my experience to help other SaaS companies adapt their content & SEO strategy to the new way people buy. Check out how I can help and what others say about working with me. 

Want to make sure people hear about your products everywhere they go to explore and evaluate their options? 

I can help you build your own Surround Sound program, including detailed playbooks on SEO, content strategy and link building. 

Let’s connect and see if I can help you create that Surround Sound effect for your products.

Need help with your B2B SaaS marketing?

Send me a note if you’re looking for consultancy help with building your own Surround Sound program, user acquisition or SEO.