One of the great privileges of my job is the opportunity to speak about my work, my learnings and ultimately help other SaaS marketers.

In all, I’ve been honoured to speak at conferences across Europe and US, in many wonderful cities, to crowds large and small. 

I’ve presented to an audience of over 600+ people and I’ve also held workshops to small groups.

I prefer the small groups because I can learn a bit about their background beforehand and tailor my presentation to them, so they leave with practical tips they can implement immediately.


I like giving tactical presentations that are based on my practical experience. These three are my favourite topics, mostly because I rarely see in-depth talks that cover similar projects. 

Surround Sound

Product Awareness

Link building for “boring pages”

which is a product awareness program, that’s adapted to the new way people research, evaluate and buy products. 

This program lives at the intersection of growth, SEO and relationship-based link building. You can read more about how I scaled Surround Sound at HubSpot and what results I’ve seen in 2020.

and how to build buzz (and backlinks) to scaling SaaS products. 

 I like to explore how to use content, SEO and outreach tactics to promote a product, even in very competitive markets. 

like product pages, lead generation pages, courses and the list could go on. They are all very valuable pages, but they don’t get mentions (and backlinks) naturally as easy as, say, a catchy market study. 

Figuring out ways to scale link building to “boring pages” has been an exciting puzzle and I love sharing insights from this journey.

Past Events

  • How to Boost Your Search Visibility with a Surround Sound Strategy, Digitalzone Online, Turkey, 2020 (blog)
  • How to build buzz & backlinks on a bootstrap budget, MicroConf, Croatia, 2019 (recording)

  • Link Building for “Boring” Pages: Why it Matters & How to Do It Right, LeicesterDigital Live, UK, 2019
  • How to build high-quality backlinks in a post-GDPR world, Pint Size Marketing, Ireland, 2018 (slides)
  • Link building tactics for boring pages, INBOUND, USA, 2018
  • How to build an Influencer Marketing program, InOrbit, Slovenia, 2018 (slides)
  • Tried-and-tested link building tactics for boring pages, Ecommerce Summit, UK, 2018 (slides)
  • Link building tactics for boring pages, Grow with HubSpot, UK, 2018
  • Scaling link-building to lead gen pages: the prospecting approach that guarantees results, Learn Inbound, Ireland, 2019 (slides)
  • Content Marketing course, Munster Technological University, Ireland, 2017

Short bio

Irina is a driven digital marketer, blogger, and international speaker, with over 10 years of experience in SEO and content strategy. She is currently working full-time on the User Acquisition team for HubSpot where she’s focused on building awareness for the company’s freemium products through a program called Surround Sound. Irina is also one of the Head Judges for the 2021 EU Search Awards and has been on the judging panel for the Global and European Search Awards in 2020.

Want me to speak at your next event?

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