Work with me.

I love working with B2B SaaS companies. If you’re just launching a product or you’re looking to scale and acquire more users, I can help. 

Here's how I can help

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Surround Sound

Want to make sure people hear about your products everywhere they go to explore and evaluate their options?

I can help you build your own Surround Sound program, which includes: 

  • keyword research
  • SERP visibility analysis 
  • strategy & tactic to improve your visibility in SERP, beyond just SEO

Earned Mentions & Backlinks

Link building

Whether you’re looking to earn more mentions or drive more organic traffic, I can help.

I worked with B2B influencers, building custom programs and 1:1 relationships, and also scaled an in-house link building program using virtual assistants. 

Monthly organic traffic

Content Strategy & SEO

I can help you build a content strategy that will help you drive more organic traffic and backlinks. 

Over the years, I’ve helped develop playbooks for building:

  • linkable assets
  • content partnerships 
  • SEO-driven content strategies 

Need help with your B2B SaaS marketing?

Send me a note if you’re looking for consultancy help with building your own Surround Sound program, content strategy or SEO.