Irina Nica at Pint Size Marketing

B2B SaaS Marketing Pro with a knack for user acquisition and SEO.

I’m passionate about great products, especially those that help other businesses grow.

I’ve spent all of my career working with B2B SaaS businesses, from local ERP solutions to global, scaling platforms.   

In 2016 I landed my dream job at HubSpot and I’ve been here ever since. Currently, I run a product awareness program called Surround Sound. 

This means that I make sure people hear about HubSpot everywhere they look for products such as the ones we offer, creating a surround sound effect. Here’s an example of Surround Sound in action. We worked to make sure HubSpot is mentioned in almost every result that people see when they search for “free email marketing” in Google.

Surround Sound Example

I started working on this program in 2019, for the English-speaking markets, and now I’m helping our international marketing team bring this program to a global scale.

Before HubSpot

I discovered HubSpot and Inbound Marketing back in 2014 when I was working on launching a Romanian SEO tool called SEOmonitor. At the time, it was an internal tool used by a local agency, now Upswing. The founder and I thought this would be a great tool for other agencies, globally, and started our journey in an already very competitive market.

Fast forward a few years later, SEOmonitor was earning 50k MRR, won the European Search Awards for best innovation in SEO software, and I was moving on to my next big adventure at HubSpot, in Dublin.

Elsewhere on the web

I wrote about my work on the Surround Sound approach and results, outreach, guest blogging, content syndication and link building.

I spoke about SaaS product awareness and link building at 10+ digital marketing conferences — INBOUND (USA), Learn Inbound (Ireland), InOrbit (Slovenia), MicroConf (Croatia) to name a few — and was a guest lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology and TU Dublin.

In 2019, I launched a link building course with CXL Institute (paywall).

In 2020, I launched an in-depth course on how to build a scalable link-building program with Virtual Assistants with Traffic Think Tank (paywall)

The same year, I was also one of the Head Judges for the Global Search Awards and was on the judging panel for the 2020 European Search Awards.

In 2021, I’m one of the Head Judges for the European Search Awards.

Outside work

I love reading. It’s my favorite hobby and my form of meditation. A few years back I spoke on the CEO Library Podcast about the books I love, and how some influenced my journey as a marketer.

Also spoke on Andra Zaharia’s Podcast about my move to Dublin, what I learned through my career so far, and other personal stories.

I also love cooking, especially salads (don’t judge before you try one!). I don’t have a favorite recipe because I always love trying something new, so always feel free to reach out if you have a recipe suggestion. Or a book suggestion. Or just wanna say hi 👋 

Need help with your B2B SaaS marketing?

Send me a note if you’re looking for consultancy help with building your own Surround Sound program, user acquisition or SEO.